EdTechXEurope 2017

20 - 21 June 2017 | Kings Place | London, UK

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About EdTechXEurope

EdTechXEurope is the leading thought leader summit bringing together executive level investors, innovators and industry influencers from European and international education companies. Now in its fifth year, EdTechXEurope 2017 will host 850+ global attendees and invite over 150 speakers to showcase EdTech innovations and perspectives from around the world.

EdTechXEurope 2016 Highlights


2017 EdTechXGlobal Event Series

EdTechXGlobal presents EdTechXEurope 2017 and London EdTech Week.

New for 2017, London EdTech Week is a week-long celebration showcasing the Now & Next of EdTech during a series of connected and collaborative events from 19 - 23 June 2017.

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20 - 21 June 2017


London EdTech Week

19 - 23 June 2017



17 Hot Topics in EdTech for 2017

  • Learning & Training with Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality
  • Upskilling Today’s Workforce for Tomorrow’s Jobs
  • The Rise of Bots & Robots in Education & the Workplace
  • Adoption of AI, Deep Learning & Personalisation
  • Low Cost & High Tech Schools
  • 21st Century Schools & Design Thinking in Education
  • HR Tech: Revolutionising the Workplace
  • The ‘3rd Wave’ of Digital Transformation in Higher Education
  • Global Investor All Stars Perspectives on K-12, Higher Education & Corporate Training
  • Neuro-Education: When Learning Sciences Meet Neuro-Sciences
  • Nanodegrees and Alternative Higher-Education
  • Blockchain Education
  • Digital Assessment & Predictive Analytics
  • Internet of Learning Things
  • International Schools & Curriculum Convergence
  • The Rise of EdTech in Emerging Markets: China, ASEAN, India & Africa
  • The Next Generation of EdTech Unicorns & Zebras


Selection of EdTechXEurope Speakers - 2017

Thought Leader Speakers

Browse Our 2016 Speakers

2016 Highlights

Esther Wojcicki

/ Planet3

Thought Leader Speakers

Browse Our 2016 Speakers

2016 Highlights

Mathias Wildgrube

Training and Development Manager / Volkswagen AG


Jose Escamilla de los Santos

Educational Innovation Director / Tecnologico de Monterrey


John Katzmann

Founder & CEO / Noodle


Bror Saxberg

/ Kaplan

Rishi Kappal

CEO & Chief Strategist / EDUGILD

Dr. Ulrich Christensen

Executive Chairman / Area9

Peggy McCready

Director of Academic IT / University of Oxford

Marcos Amadeo

Chief Cabinet of Educ.ar / Ministry of Education – Argentina

John Yates

New Ventures Director / City & Guilds

Lord Jim Knight

Chief Education Advisor / TES Global

Charles McIntyre

CEO / IBIS Capital

Sophie Chen

Partner / JMDedu

Marie-Caroline Missir

Editor / l’Etudiant

Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet

Co-Founder / EdTechXGlobal

Svenia Busson

Co-Founder / EdTech World Tour

Paul Feldman

CEO / Jisc

Carla Aerts

Director of Futures / Institute of Education (UCL)

Amol Arora

Managing Director / Shemrock & Shemford

Evan Schiff

Product Director / Premier Training

Jim Garrison

Founder and President / Ubiquity University

2016 Featured Programme Sessions

  • Disruptive Tech & Future Trends in Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • 21st Century Skills: Meet the Makers
  • Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Education
  • 7 Key Insights from Top Investors: Why Startups Succeed
  • Social Impact of Education Technology
  • 5 Startups Changing How We Teach, Learn & Connect
  • The Science of Early Learning: Understanding Education Implications
  • Evaluating Tomorrow’s Workforce Needs: Bridging the Skills Gap
  • Enabling Change & Innovation in Higher Education
  • Shaping the Future of STEAM Education
  • EdTech in China: Trends & Opportunities
  • Transformative e-Learning Programmes Across Emerging Markets

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