EdTechX 2020 Featured Speaker Spotlight


Mailis Reps | Minister of Education and Research

As Estonia reaches the top of the PISA rankings, learn from the Minister of Education and Research on the secrets of their educational success.


Ben Nelson | Founder

Ben Nelson is Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Minerva, and a visionary with a passion to reinvent higher education. Nelson started Minerva in 2011 with the goal of nurturing critical wisdom for the sake of the world through a systematic and evidence-based approach to learning.


Lucia Dellagnelo | CEO

CIEB is focused to promote the culture of innovation and use of EdTech in Brazil. Hear from Lucia Dellagnelo how the Brazilian ecosystem is thriving.


Mary Ellen Wiltrout | Lecturer in Digital Learning

Mary Ellen has been leading the execution of digital learning strategies at MIT for over six years, focussing on MOOCs, hybrid learning experiences and researching digital learning design.


Jeff Maggioncalda | CEO

Coursera has recently announced its commitment to upskilling 10 million global workers by 2030 in high-demand domains of data science, technology, business and soft skills. Hear their approach to the reskilling revolution.


Ade Odusola | Executive Programme Director

Debatemate is the leading social business for developing key communication skills. They will be hosting a debate at EdTechX on ‘This House Believes That the Age of Lifelong Learning will Extinguish the Specialist’.


Luke Stannard | Senior EdTech Advisor

Luke Stannard leads Save the Children’s engagement with education technology. He has worked on the design, implementation and evaluation of education technology projects in humanitarian and development contexts in over a dozen countries.


Gauthier Van Malderen | Founder

Now deemed the ‘Spotify for Textbooks’ and recently raising £7m in funding, Gauthier speaks to EdTechX about the need for industries to innovate as more of the world goes online.


Pia Puolakka | Forensic Psychologist & Project Manager

Finland’s Criminal Sanctions Agency has started a project teaching prisoners digital skills including AI and so-called future skills.


Bryan Fletcher | Senior Director Content Production

Since its founding in 2014, HBS Online has educated more than 70,000 people from 175 countries, with more than half of learners coming from outside the U.S. Bryan shares their mission to “educate leaders who make a difference in the world, wherever they are”.


Rose Luckin | Director of UCL EDUCATE

Rose will be speaking on how to ensure a sustainable and impactful global EdTech Ecosystem, connecting educators, learners, academics and researchers.


Vinit Sukhija | Partner

Vinit will be demystifying the recent growth of multiple prominent Corporate Venture Forms in EdTech, discussing what this trend means for the sector and what founders should know when engaging with corporate edtech VCs.


Nayef M. Al-Ibrahim | Founding Partner & CEO

With ibTECHar’s unique position in Qatar, Nayef inspires both the local and international communities to learn and teach more effectively using forward-thinking engineering and innovative EdTech.


Chia-Wei Wu | Director of Learning Sciences and Technologies

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Jessica White | Senior Consultant

Jessica brings her unique perspective in EdTech in the German Ecosystem through her experience working with publishers, foundations and VCs across Europe and internationally.


Charles McIntyre | CEO

IBIS Capital pushes the boundaries in EdTech investment, recently launching the first education and training SPAC and involved in the largest ever EdTech fundraising in Europe.


Benjamin Vedrenne Cloquet | CEO

EdTechX Holdings recently announced its $535m landmark EdTech transaction with Meten Education. Hear how Meten EdTechX is accelerating to become the market leader in English Language Training in China.


Maurice Khudir | Co-Founder & CMO

Transforming the world of work tomorrow through education today.